Saturday, March 22, 2008

I won these!

I recently found a lovely blog of mom Kristen McLane, who enjoys books like I do!

I applied to her giveaway of 3 children's books, and lo...I just found out I won!

They are the first three books of the Lucky Foot series.

Thanks to Kristen, from my 10 year old!


Krio Tity said...


I hope I'll soon take you up on your suggestions about some of the fun, easy read books that you've put on your blog. I'm looking forward to May when I won't have to read a text then I'll do all my leisure reading.

Have a great weekend!

Good & Crazy said...

I'll send you a big ole list of lots of books, just give me the word!

Krio Tity said...

Congrats Carissa!

It's always nice to get books that you like for free (or at a great price).
How are you and yours doing? My regards to Boyd and the children.
When are you coming our way...?


angie said...

Just saw this blog........will have to read through today. What a great idea.......